Going into our 19th great year, here are some of the line-ups from years past:
Do you have great photos from previous years? Please feel free to email, and we will post on the website!

Inviolet, Drivyn, Jack & The Ripperz, Jake and the Fundamentals,
Conor Gains, Erin McCallum, Paul Reddick Band, Ghost Town Blues Band, Digging Roots, Monkey Junk

C.C. Reilly and Soul Survivors, Ben Sures, River City Junction, Jack and the Ripperz, Sulfur City, The Jesse Green Band, Danny B Band, Jake Chisholm, Jake and the Fundamentals, The Morgan Davis Band, Mike DeWay, Billy Joe Green, Danny B and Jake Thomas

Horned Ace, Al Wood & The Woodmen, Cécile Doo-Kingué, The David Gerald Band, Barrelhouse Blues Band, Al Lukas, André and the J-Tones, The Gary Kendall Band, Big Crush, Jack de Keyser, Rocket Rached & the Fat City Eight

Cécile Doo-Kingué, Jack and the Ripperz, Paul DiSalle Band, Pappy Johns Band, The Shaftmen, Hurtin Mike and Leon Bass, Jake and the Fundamentals, Robin Bank$, Elmer Ferrer Band, The David Gerald Band, Erin McCallum Band

Paul DiSalle Band, Mike DeWay, Hurtin Mike and Leon Bass, Andre and the J Tones, Trevor MacKenzie, Jerome Godboo, Big Bad Wolf, Fathead, Pappy Johns Band, Roberto Morbioli and MORBLUS

Dave Mowat, Ben Sures, Totally Unhooked, Wabi Delta Blues Band, Mike Deway, Barrelhouse Blues Band, Dig Newton, Jack and the Rippers, Danny B, Shrimp Daddy and the Sharpshooters, Jake and the Fundamentals, Harrison Kennedy, Elmer Ferrer accompanied by Irene Torres, Gary Kendall and Erin McCallum.

Estelle & Di, Detour, The Wabi Delta Band, Barrelhouse Blues Band, The Shaftmen, Al Lukas, Soul Doubt, Breakfast with Metropolitan Jazz Trio, Erin McCallum, Paul DiSalle, Julian Fauth, Jake Thomas, Elmer Ferrer, Billy Joe Green, Tim Vaughn, Rita Chiarelli, Jake and the Fundamentals, Jake Thomas

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Ricky Pacquette, Slidin' Clyde Roulette Band, Layla Zoe, Jennifer Plummer, Paul DiSalle Band, Detour, WeaselBone, Barrelhouse Blues Band, the Hurtin' Blues Band, Sab and the Family Band, Soul Doubt, and the Shaftmen.

Garrett Mason, Fathead, Jack DeKeyzer, Brian Blain, the Hurtin' Blues Band, Bob Wills and the Groove, Sab and the Family Band, Little Lisa Gibson, Soul Doubt, and the Shaftmen.

Carlos Del Junco, Garrett Mason, The Detroit Women, the Hurtin' Blues Band with Maureen Brown, the Shaftmen, Charlie Angus, Soul Doubt, Bob Wills and the Groove, Lift, Orange Voodoo, and Sab and the Family Band.

David Rotundo, Roxanne Potvin, Kevin Carley, Sab, The Playcats, the Hurtin' Blues Band, Calling the Shots, Soul Doubt, Jake and the Fundamentals, Julien Fauth, Lift, The Inlaws, and Little Lisa Gibson.

Jack De Keyzer, James Anthony, Brian Blain, Sab, Little Lisa Gibson, Maureen Brown, Jake and the Fundamentals, and Raoul and the Big Time.

Fathead, Paul James, Dylan Wickens, Sonny Fournier, The Hurtin' Blues Band, Sab, Chris Murphy, Maureen Brown, and Jake and the Fundamentals.

Amos Garrett, J.W. Jones, Big Daddy "G", the Hurtin' Blues Band, Sab, Todd Harper, Maureen Brown, and Jake and the Fundamentals.

Rita Chiarelli, Hurtin' Blues Band, SAB, The Palykats, David Rotundo and the Blue Canadians, JW Jones, Kevin Carley and Big Deal.

Jack De Keyzer, Rita Chiarelli, Micheal Picket, SAB, The Hurtin' Blues Band, Paul James, The Playkats, Wabi Delta Blues Band.

Dutch Mason, Paul James Band, Hurtin' Blues Band, The Crocodiles, SAB, Wabi Delta Blues Band, The Playkats.

Downchild Blues Band, Paul James Band, Jack De Keyzer, SAB, Hurtin' Blues Band.