Sea Perry

Sea Perry

In the two years since their inception, Sea Perry (Chris Milligan (guitar, vocals) Shawn Fisher (bass, keys) and Chad Bouchard (drums)) has gone through a number of transformations. Starting off as a folk-based trio, Sea Perry has morphed into one of today’s most prolific Canadian rock bands. Their debut LP Do What You Do (produced and engineered by Michael Jack – Rush, Nelly Furtado, Bono) has solidified the band as an act to watch, having taken their live show across the country, performing alongside The Trews, Hollerado, Great Big Sea and The Strumbellas.

Released in April 2015, Do What You Do is an homage to the band’s influences and small-town upbringing. Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, Sea Perry found their musical inspiration from the Northern Ontario nature around them, and has carved a big city niche in a small-town world. The 10 bright, soulful tracks off Do What You Do were laid down with an ear towards bringing to life their stage show while also accentuating their stellar musicianship and remarkable songwriting skills.

Shawn credits the tightknit nature of the trio with bringing out the best Sea Perry has to offer, explaining that, like all great relationships, this one is built on honesty and vulnerability, each of the three willing to figuratively (and literally) fight it out to get something they can take pride in.


“There are times when we’re writing music that we get so passionate about an idea that we’re trying to push forward that we really force each other to get to a very uncomfortable zone emotionally,” says Shawn. “But sometimes you need to get to the brink of your humanity to get something out that’s really significant.” With Do What You Do, they’ve certainly done that. The album is filled with giant singalong choruses, pristine radio-ready melodies, chiming guitars and steady, driving rhythms. The tone is set right off the bat with opening song Molly’s Shoes, a yell-it-to-the-moon, high-energy expression of affection for what keeps the heart of any good man beating, as Chris sings, “Come on love, it’s my drug, everybody here just needs a hug.” Originally conceived at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto, Molly’s Shoes was fittingly the first song written for the record, and their most successful to date.

The record continues with the oddly celebratory Burning California, a dream of a simpler life, one where the stars provide the canopy and music provides the soundtrack to the world burning down to the ground.

And finally there’s the title track from Do What You Do, also the last song written for the record, and one that sums up what Sea Perry are all about — a testament to the power of perseverance, of living life to its fullest, making your dreams come true and making the most of the lives you touch.

It’s what Sea Perry does. It’s something that can’t be ignored.